1) Is the Siphon hot water-resistant?

Yes, the material used is polypropylene and the temperature used to shape the siphon parts is 180°.


2) The siphon with the plastic nut provides an efficient squeeze to the valve, if any tool is used, can it damage the nut due to the plastic material?

Yes, after running some tests, the nut provides a perfect threading, not needing any tools to squeeze it.


3) Is the Steel Siphon Nut more resistant than the Plastic Nut?

There’s no difference, for both are used for the same thing, this way, they’re equally resistant.


4) Do I need any kind of lubricant to insert the Connection Tube to the wall connection and the toilet?

No lubricant or soap are needed, the part contains an angle to favor its insertion.Before installing, wet it with water.


5) When should the Pleated Connection Tube be used?

In any situation, especially when the water escape is misaligned, in other words, when it’s not leveling with the toilet’s opening.


6) After installing the Buoy-Cock, how should I control the water level in the water tank?

Let the water tank fill up and observe the level, comparing it to the standard level, in case it’s low, lightly fold it up with both hands, and in case it’s high, lightly fold it down.

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